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2020 CADCC Outstanding Enterprise in the Automotive Supply Chain Ceremony
Dec 4,2020.

The 2020 Outstanding Enterprise in Automotive Supply Chain Ceremony was held on Thursday by CADCC in Shanghai. JYC Battery, as one of the well-known suppliers in China automotive industry, was invited to the ceremony and awarded of the 2020 CADCC Outstanding Enterprise in the Automotive Supply Chain.

CADCC is an abbreviation of China Auto Dealers Chamber Of Commerce, that was established in on December 3, 2006. It is a national industry organization serving the majority of auto dealers. JYC Battery specializes in AGM battery manufacture more than 20 years, continuously committed to R&D and pursue top technologies and high quality in VRLA AGM car battery industry. It joined in CADCC for several years and in 2020 was recognized the Outstanding Enterprise awarded by the commerce.

Besides AGM car battery contribution in automotive supply chain, JYC Battery devotes to VRLA storage battery production and development for many years as well, and in fact AGM car battery is just one series of its core advantages. It has total 8 series, including General Purpose, High Rate, Deep Cycle, Gel Battery, Front Terminal, OPzV, OPzS and AGM car battery.JYC Battery will keep improving and contributing to VRLA battery and automotive industry with this great honor.

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